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Thursday, October 22nd Agenda

Thursday, October 22, 2020AGENDA:1. Holes - Ch.18-22 Questions due Monday, Oct 26th2. Literacy: "My School" - We will be doing some more pre-writing work into these on Monday. Please make sure you have decided on:Theme - (school for Wizards/superheroes/villains, etc...)Setting - (where? who goes there? how do you get there?, etc...)Research - (what do students learn there? subjects that are taught?, etc...3. Enjoy your long-weekend. Remember that this month's virtue is "Gratitude," so please take some time to think about the things/people in your life that you are grateful for :) 
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Monday, October 19th Agenda

Monday, October 19th, 2020AGENDA:1. Math: "Investigating Factors" Worksheet (due tomorrow)2. Holes: Ch.8-17 Quiz tomorrow!3. Socials: BC Voting Guides are due this ThursdayAdditional Reminders:Pro-D day this FridayReminder to dress a little warmer - "winter is coming!"

Wednesday, October 14th Agenda

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020AGENDA:1. Holes: Title Page and Ch.13-17 questions are due on Friday (Mr.Hine will be collecting your duotangs so please make sure all of your handouts are complete/put into your duotangs)2.Math: "Divisibility Rules" Worksheet (first side only) due tomorrow3. Math: Quiz on Friday (Factors and Prime Numbers)4. French: Quiz tomorrow
Additional Reminders:Kamloops South Thompson Candidates Debate will be televised on CFJC on Thursday @7pm. Photo Re-takes date changed to Monday, October 19th