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Tues, Oct 26th Agenda

 Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 AGENDA: 1. School Wide Write - Planning Sheet/Graphic Organizer (completed) 2. Holes - Ch. 23-28 Questions (due tomorrow) 3. McQueen Lake (Mon, Nov 8th) Permission Form 4. Halloween (Friday) Expectations: -You may wear your costume at school (no masks or weapons) -If you do, you must wear your costume the whole day -The afternoon we will be watching a Halloween movie -If anyone would like to bring snacks they must be store bought and packaged, etc.
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Thurs, Oct 21st Agenda

 Thursday, October 21st, 2021 AGENDA: 1. Math: "Finding Rules - One Operation" (due Monday) 2. Science: Board Games/Research (due next Friday, Oct 29th) 3. No school tomorrow... have a nice long-weekend :) 4. For Volleyball Players: Permission Forms for Tues/Wed after-school skill development - please return on Monday. Tues, Oct 26th will be the first day!

Tues, Oct 19th Agenda

 Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 AGENDA: 1. "Afghanistan Falls to the Taliban" Ques/ Map Analysis (due Thurs) 2. Holes - Ch.18-22 Questions are due Thursday 3. Math - Ken/Ken Puzzles (please complete at least one side) 4. Health - Box Designs must be completed/coloured by tomorrow!

Mon, Oct 18th Agenda

 Monday, October 18th, 2021 AGENDA: 1. Math: "Variables" Worksheet (due tomorrow) 2. Holes: Ch.8-17 Quiz tomorrow  3. Writing: "Spooky Stories" due tomorrow 4. Spelling (Week 5) due Thurs 5. Science - Board Games (and Research) due next Friday, Oct 29th